Chiropodists - Podiatrists

Chiropody (Podiatry) is all about the diagnosis, care and treatment of conditions affecting the lower limbs and feet. All our Podiatrists at The Foot Health Centre have Honours Degrees in Podiatry and are registered with the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC).

You can come to see a Podiatrist to have “routine” treatments such as toenail cutting or reduction of hard skin, or for specific conditions such as corns, verrucas, foot pains and fungal infection.

Podiatrists can also prescribe orthotic insoles, which may be put in your shoes to re-align your feet to help or relieve pressure on vulnerable areas.

Advice can also be given on suitable shoes to help to keep your feet healthy.

Our feet keep us going and caring for our feet is important to keep us mobile and comfortable.